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All dogs are different and have different needs. To make sure we come up with a training program that will address your concerns and make practical sense for your life, we'll sit down for a 30min video consultation. During this appointment, I'll offer you several training options at different price points, and you'll be encouraged to take your time and think about your choices


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Common Training Packages

below are some of my most popular training packages

Private Lessons

We meet about once a week, I coach you, and you do the majority of the training. We can meet wherever you’re having the most issues, like at the park, pet stores, or the vet.

  • $500 - Five(5) Hour-Long Lessons

  • $750 - Six(6) 90-Minute Long Lessons (for two dogs)

40% Off for Rescued Dogs and Dogs Living in 46201 Zip-code

Board and Trains

The dog comes to stay with me in my home, I train them, and return them back to you. You'll receive a packet with instructions for new commands and addressing concerns.



get all the basic training your dog needs 

  • "Heel"
    walking with a loose leash on your left side through distractions

  • "Wait"
    waiting at thresholds until given further instruction

  • "Place"
    hanging out on a platform (included) until released

  • Manners
    addressing behavioral problems like barking, nipping, licking, jumping, counter surfing, etc. 

  • Marker Training
    the ability to tell your dog to keep doing something or to stop doing something

  • Training Equipment
    All equipment you'll need is included - there will be no need to buy anything extra

  • A 2-Hour Long Home-going Lesson
    You will get all the instructions on maintaining the dog's training, the training equipment needed, and paperwork to remember what we covered.

  • Unlimited Follow-Up Lessons
    These are to clean up shenanigans that occur since the home-going. These can take place in your home or other places the dog is struggling.

  • Eligible for Retrain within 6mo of Home-going
    The dog is eligible for a re-train visit in my home (usually 3 days) within 6mo of the dog's home-going and as long as 4 follow-ups have taken place.


Add additional freedoms to your dog's abilities with off-leash training





give you and your dog the additional freedom of being able to preform everything they can do with the leash on or off

  • "Here"
    coming to you when called, on or off the leash

  • "Sit"
    putting butt on the ground, on or off the leash

  • "Down"
    putting butt and elbows on the ground, on or off the leash

  • "Stay"
    staying in a "down" or a "sit" until released, on or off the leash

  • "Drop"
    giving something to you that's in their mouth, on or off the leash

  • "Off"
    getting off your bed or furniture, on or off the leash

  • "Kennel"
    getting inside their kennel, on or off the leash

  • "Quiet"
    stop barking when told, no matter where the dog is

  • "Back Off"
    give you some personal space, on or off the leash

  • "Settle Down"
    calming down during play, no matter the situation

  • Discounted Boarding
    When you choose an off-leash board and train, you get 20% off boarding for the dog's life

  • Free Pick-Up and Drop-Off
    Get free pick-up and drop-off at your house for all future boarding appointments

Add Off-Leash to your dog's

+ 1,150



Add Off-Leash & 1 Command

+ 1,525

Add Off-Leash & 6 Commands

+ 3,400

Add Off-Leash & 2 Commands

+ 1,900

Add Off-Leash & 7 Commands

+ 3,775

Add Off-Leash & Commands

+ 2,275

Add Off-Leash & 8 Commands

+ 4,150

Add Off-Leash & 4 Commands

+ 2,650

Add Off-Leash & 9 Commands

+ 4,525

Add Off-Leash & 5 Commands

+ 3,025

Add Off-Leash & 10 Commands

+ 4,900




Add additional commands to your dog's curriculum


  • "Here"
    coming to you when called

  • "Off"
    getting off your bed or furniture

  • "Sit"
    putting butt on the ground

  • "Kennel"
    getting inside their kennel

  • "Down"
    putting butt and elbows on the ground

  • "Stay"
    staying in a "down" or a "sit" until released

  • "Drop"
    giving something to you that's in their mouth

  • "Quiet"
    stop barking when told

  • "Back Off"
    give you some personal space

  • "Settle Down"
    calming down during play






























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