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The Freedom K9 Project is a 100%     
    volunteer based (myself included!)
       service dog program, training
          service dogs for survivors of
       domestic abuse and sex trafficking
   who suffer from PTSD. Founded and run by yours truly, our service dogs come at
no cost to their survivors. They're
      trained individually for specific
    survivors, and are currently in the final stages of their training!


The service dogs we currently have are going through their final rounds of training, which means we're doing our final fundraising push to get them through the finish line, and pair with their survivors! Since we're 100% volunteer based, all of your donations goes directly to our mission :

At the Freedom K9 Project we provide freedom and a quality of life for survivors that have been subjected to the trauma of sexual slavery and domestic violence through service dogs trained to the highest caliber. Striving to raise awareness in the community of PTSD and its many forms, especially those forms which are inflicted through violence against women.