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Dogs on a Bench



Every 1st Saturday of the month @ 11am EST

The track to becoming a dog trainer is anything but linear. You could really start from anywhere, and there are a million paths towards a successful career!

But how do you go about starting off on your journey? How do you tell what you really need? In addition to wading through the logistics, how do you make sense of all the training methods out there? How can you tell what’s working and what you should abandon? 

This free webinar is designed to help you answer those questions, and get you started on the path that’s right for you. Join us for this fun and stress-free online learning experience, and learn how to Make Sit Happen!


Learn alongside other dog trainers from around the world on our Patreon!

For only $6.99/month, the subscription grants access to weekly webinars on requested training topics and allows engagement in a safe, open-minded, and creative learning environment.

10% of your subscription directly supports our nonprofit, the Freedom K9 Project.

Dive deeper into these training topics and more!

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